Year 2016

Parking Le Manior

This parking structure in Achrafieh had Cracks and distortion in its concrete floor which was damaged by time. These cracks allowed concrete to absorb water and chlorides, leading to the deterioration of large areas, as well as more serious leakage, which needed immediate and proper solution.

In order to maintain the integrity and strength of the structural concrete we had to rely heavily on both its concrete and by the reinforcing steel components; because the failure of either components could lead to failure or loss of strength of the structure. Falcon Court used the Conventional reinforcement which utilizes steel bars, wires, and strands to provide additional strength to the concrete structure. Post-tensioned concrete has reinforcing steel tendons that are tensioned after the concrete is placed as opposed to pre-stressed concrete which has reinforcing steel tendons that are tensioned before the concrete is placed.
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Lebanon, Beirut, Achrafieh, Rmeil Street, Behind Blom Bank, Al Manwar Building, Ground floor
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